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Our brave new world is evolving fast. There’s never been a more magical and exhilarating time to live – yet it’s never been harder to truly understand the meaning of all those changes we are experiencing, and how it will impact our future. The only certainty is change, and only the ones who adapt will endure.

We will need to constantly reinvent ourselves in order to continue to be relevant, especially with the rise of artificial intelligence and biotech. Which jobs will be relevant in 2040, and which skills make sense to learn today?

Learning has always played a large part in determining how successful people become in their careers and lives. Living a life of fulfillment is no easy task, but there is a proven correlation between hard work and success. But for hard work to be fruitful, it is important to know which direction to go, which skills to learn and which questions to ask.

In this brave new world, access to real experiences and advice from people that are experts in what they do is hard to find. In the era of information overload, it’s easy to get distracted and lost with outdated or misguided information.

What we are about?

Mentorz strives to connect curious people hungry to learn and teach each other, on the basis of their interests, values and expertise, helping them feel purposeful and empowered.

How do we start?

We are inviting potential mentors to join our platform, followed by mentees. We are in the early beginning of growing a vibrant and rich community with already more than 400 members. We believe good news spreads fast and aim to grow fast, but for that we need you.

We aim to tap into the motivations of more experienced people and invite them to mentor and guide younger generations in their topics of expertise. There is a myriad of topics, but initially, we are focusing on Women Leadership and Entrepreneurship, two of the most appealing and unsung spheres of our world at present.

We aspire to create a vibrant community of mentors and mentees and to help people to build reciprocal learning relationships.

How can mentorship benefit you?

Becoming successful is not about taking. It is about becoming so powerful and happy you can’t help but want to make others happy and give. That is why we want to attract mentors who feel like they want to share their stories, lessons, advice, and challenges.

The benefits of mentorship are colossal and life-changing for both mentors and mentees. Let’s take it from the top:

For Mentors 

Benefit others

Intrinsic satisfaction

Learning by teaching



Status and social validation

Reenergize network


For Mentees

Learn digested essence





Role modeling


Acceptance and confirmation

For mentees, not only can mentors help shape character mentally, but they can also facilitate professional networking by introducing mentees to influential individuals within academic and organizational contexts. Mentors can convey specific knowledge and expertise which contributes to mentee learning and skill development.

These important career contacts can, in turn, lead to career success in terms of connections, job offers, and promotions. With youth or college students, mentors also may introduce mentees to different possible careers and help them to explore those, by sharing tangible views based on their experiences.


We want to make it simpler to match mentors and mentees based on their interests, values, and expertise. And to enable them to create deeper and meaningful connections.

We strive to connect mentees to mentors that can help each other to know which questions to ask, which skills to learn and the essence of specific topics, so they can keep relevant and ever more successful in their whole life – work and personal.

This can be life-changing, whether if you want to find out which career that really speaks to your passions, if you want to change careers or if you need just advice from someone more experienced in specific subjects.

We will help you to find your answers in this ever-changing brave new world. And empower you to find your lighthouse.

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